Fireman tools

De-flooding devices

De-flooding devices such as pumps with builtin strainer, which are driven solely by the water flow generated by the fire truck.

Firefighter gloves

Firefighter gloves certified for resistance to heat, humidity, knocks, abrasion.

Smoke extraction fans

Smoke extraction fans that improve the visibility of firefighters in buildings.

Breathing devices

Breathing apparatus devices certified, connected to a filter or pressurized air cylinder.


Flowmeters for portable or fixed water networks, sizes from 2 “to 6”, made of hard-anodized aluminum.

Firefighter wrenches

Firefighter wrenches for hose couplings and hydrants, multi-purpose tools e.g. for opening elevator doors. Firefighter belts and ropes, mooring hooks, tether straps, firefighting ropes, rope-carrying bags, rescue stretchers, airbag anti-deployment kits.

Fire hose tools

Fire hose tools such as hose binders, hose bridges, hose-carrying handles, hose-carrying baskets, hose stranglers, hose-leak sealers, hose-washing units.

Firefighter belts & ropes

HABERKORN’s Austrian products equip firefighters in all parts of the world, ensuring their safety. Certified for the most difficult conditions, they will be your loyal partner for life
  • Demonstration at your premises or at our testing site
  • Seminars of theoretical and practical training.
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