Equipment against falls

Rescuing people in ravines and wells, operations in rivers and in high-rise buildings, rescuing animals, working on wind turbines, electricity pylons and ships, orientation and bailing out of firefighters from burning buildings are activities that require high-end equipment. We are happy to supply certified products from the Austrian manufacturer HABERKORN, globally recognized for the high standards it applies. All its equipment against falls are equipped with an NFC chip and a QR code, which allow the equipment to be checked before each use.


Ropes of various diameters (4-16mm), colors, types (e.g. kernmantle) and construction materials (e.g. fireproof), with carabiner or loop, special ropes resistant to abrasion against sharp objects, cords, lanyards, elastic or fixed length straps, fall arresters, fluorescent firefighter orientation ropes for areas with low visibility, provide solutions for every use with unparalleled HABERKORN quality.

Full body harnesses

The full body harness anatomically hugs the user's torso, allowing it to be securely held. HABERKORN manufactures ergonomic and breathable harnesses, at a non-negotiable level of safety. With practical innovations developed for particularly demanding fields of action (e.g. cooperation with NASA), HABERKORN full body harnesses are made of synthetic fibers or entirely of fire-resistant aramid fibers. In addition, we can supply full-body harnesses for animal rescue, such as dogs, horses, etc.

Safety belts

Safety belts allow safe working at heights, preventing falls. We supply various types of HABERKORN safety belts: standard synthetic, fire-resistant, with reinforcements in the kidney area for fall protection, as well as firefighter belts with restraint strap options and the possibility of a built-in eight.


The descenders and fall arresters that HABERKORN has certified for the ropes it manufactures can be combined with fall arresters, carabiners, eights, pulleys, tripods, winches and other equipment for working at height, for maximum ergonomics and safety.