Personal protective equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are the firefighter's shield against fire. In order to have an effective and safe operation at high temperatures, the protective equipment must meet high standards. Our company represents in Greece one of the leading manufacturers worldwide, the Austrian company ROSENBAUER, with products that can handle the particularly adverse conditions encountered by a firefighter.

Firefighter suits

We supply firefighter suits for every hazard. Forest type, for rescue and for structural fires, the uniforms we have chosen reach and exceed the specifications of the Fire Department, with solutions available for the needs and financial capacity of each user. All models have the necessary certifications for their field of use. ROSENBAUER suits are available in 7 sizes, which you can try on at our facility, for maximum fit and ergonomics.

Firefighter helmets

With models for forest firefighting, rescue and confined spaces, our helmets are certified by internationally recognized bodies for their intended application, but also offer something more. Extremely low weight, ergonomic head torch, rear signaling lamp, ability to integrate a thermal camera, different face and eye visors, are some of the features that place ROSENBAUER helmets one step above the competition. Available in a wide range of colors.

Firefighter boots

ROSENBAUER boots have evolved after careful design that solves the problems firefighters face every day. Available in 4 models with different lacing systems, the boots follow the latest innovations in technology. Light, with non-slip Michelin sole, made of high-quality hydrophobic leather, certified, with the guarantee given by the ROSENBAUER name.

Firefighter gloves

ROSENBAUER gloves have been designed to meet the demands of even the most demanding operation. Available in various models, they cover structural fires, forest firefighting and rescue operations. Anti-slip, durable, ergonomic, capable of delicate handling but also rough use.