Extrication Tools


Hydraulic extrication tools

The AMKUS hydraulic extrication tool series equips most US fire brigades, providing safety and reliability during rescue operations in automotive and rail accidents, earthquakes and landslides.

Active in the design and manufacture of extrication tools for more than 40 years, AMKUS is the official supplier of rescue tools for the Indy and Nascar racing events. AMKUS tools are equally as powerful and robust, whether hydraulic or battery powered, providing their operator with the confidence needed to perform the highly demanding job of rescuing injured people when time is short. Having been trained in USA, our staff is authorized to provide technical support, maintenance and repair for the full range of Amkus tools.

  • Spreader: Spreads apart and compresses metal structures, such as vehicle doors.
  • Cutter: Cuts metal structures, such as beams and door hinges.
  • Combi Tool: Spreader and cutter in one tool, for increased flexibility.
  • Telescopic Arm: Lifts structures, such as vehicle dashboards.
Hydraulic extrication tools AMKUS