Extrication Tools


Battery-powered extrication tools

The AMKUS ION Series 2.0 battery-powered extrication tools are a product of evolution following long-term testing in the toughest conditions. Lightweight and compact in size, they boast the following competitive advantages.

  • Fully autonomous, without separate hydraulic pump and connecting hoses.
  • Made entirely of aluminum. No plastic parts.
  • With powerful LED lights that illuminate exactly where the work is done.
  • With indented aluminum handle that does not slip during use and does not wear over time.
  • The handle is located next to the body of the tool (instead of its rear), minimizing the tool length and increasing the user’s flexibility in enclosed spaces, such as the interior of a vehicle.
  • The handle is freely rotatable around the tool, allowing the user to easily change their hands and body position during use.
  • Supplied with two DeWalt batteries and a smart charger, providing worldwide battery support.