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Fire hoses

The fire hose is usually the «weak link» in a firefighting installation. While the valve, the couplings and the nozzle are made of metal alloys, the hose is made of synthetic materials that are more vulnerable to chemical effects, sunlight, knocks and tears.

Therefore, the only way for the user to be safe is to select a high-quality hose which will stand the test of time and ensure that the firefighting installation functions smoothly at a time of need. After exhaustive use at our testing facility, we have selected to supply Austrian fire hoses by HABERKORN, proven to be both durable and reliable. From standard hoses for fire cabinets, to PU/PVC coated hoses with high resistance to scratches and chemical attack, we stock large quantities of hoses that meet the needs of industry, shipping, Fire Brigade, Armed Forces and any professional for whom reliability is non-negotiable.

  • Types: lay-flat, semi-rigid.
  • Sizes: from ¾’’ to 8’’.
  • Nominal pressure: from 16 to 40 bar.
  • Certifications: EN, DIN, MED, SOLAS, UL, FM, ÖNORM.
Fire hoses HABERKORN