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Fire hose couplings connect hoses to nozzles and valves in a quick and easy way. The couplings used in Greece are primarily Storz type, i.e. German type. We supply all types of couplings, namely German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, American, English, Russian and more

Couplings are manufactured either using the casting or forging method. Forged couplings do not have air bubbles inside them due to the external pressure applied to the molten metal during the manufacturing process, which makes them 3 to 4 times stronger than cast couplings. True to its promise to supply quality products, PRONOIA supplies exclusively forged couplings, made by European factories of worldwide acclaim.

  • Sizes: from 1’’ to 8’’.
  • Construction materials: aluminium, brass, stainless steel.
  • Certifications: DIN, NF, NEN, BS, ISO.
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