Non-intrusive Measuring


Ultrasonic flowmeters

The Portasonic™ ultrasonic unit by COLTRACO allows us to measure the fluid flow rate inside a piping network using a non-invasive method, thus avoiding the dismantling of components, pressure drops, leaks and risk of contamination or corrosion.

Simply place the sensors in a straight piping section, enter data such as diameter, temperature etc. and the Portasonic™ will show the actual flow rate of the liquid inside the piping, at 1-2% accuracy. Suitable for metal and plastic tubing of ½’’ to 18’’ diameter, the Portasonic™ boasts 12 hours of uninterrupted operation. It is supplied in a convenient carrying case along with sensors, ultrasonic gel, calibration certificate and one-year warranty. As the COLTRACO Organization with Delegated Authority (ODA) in Greece, we are authorized to perform calibrations and repairs by strictly adhering to manufacturer instructions, thus providing immediate local support whenever you may need it.

Ultrasonic flowmeters COLTRACO