The hand nozzle is the Νο. 1 firefighting tool for every fireman. It operates by launching water supplied by the fire hose towards the fire. Today’s hand nozzles are equipped with a pistol grip that provides stability to the operator and have clearly embossed parts so that they are easily handled with thick firefighter gloves. As the distributor of POK France for more than 30 years, we keep a wide range of hand nozzles in stock, which we support by comprehensive after sales service. The trust we receive from the National Power Corporation, the Fire Department and the Armed Forces drives us to continuously improve ourselves and look for new innovative products, which we first try out at our pressurized water testing facility before we include them in our product range.

  • Construction materials: aluminium, brass, plastic, stainless steel.
  • Throw patterns: straight jet, flashover, wide angle spray, self-cleaning (flush).
  • Flow rate options: fixed, manually regulated, auto-regulated
  • Valve types: ball, slide, rotating.
  • Extinguishing mediums: water, foam, dry powder.
  • Sizes: from 1’’ up to 2 ½’’.
  • Certifications: EN, UL, FM, DIN, MED, SOLAS.

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Special uses

Foam-powder nozzles, for high-risk installations such as airports. Dual use water-foam nozzles, with foam aspiration openings that can be quickly opened and closed by the user when switching from water to foam and vice-versa. Foam nozzles with separate inlet for pressurized air, for an improved horizontal range. Piercing nozzles, for penetrating thin mild steel. Water branchpipes, for fire hose cabinets. Water curtains that prevent installations from radiant heat. For other uses, contact us.
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Marine use

Nozzles for marine use are constructed of brass, bronze or stainless steel, for maximum protection in a marine environment. There are fixed flow or adjustable flow models available, according to your requirements. Certified to MED, SOLAS, approved by ΝΑΤΟ. They equip the Navy Force of Greece, France and USA.
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High pressure

High pressure nozzles operate at pressures up to 40 bar. The orientable and rotating inlet prevents kinks in the hose. The trigger handle allows the user to perform effectively: gas cooling, ceiling temperature test, protection fog, fire attack. The opening handle has a locking knob in the open position, which is released by pressing the handle once.

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These nozzles are equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism that automatically adjusts the opening of the baffle, according to the flow variations. Auto-regulated hand nozzles usually have a slide valve, which allows for perfect straight jet throw even at the minimum flow. All other features are identical to the fixed flow nozzles

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Adjustable flow

Adjustable flow nozzles are equipped with an ergonomic ring that allows the operator to choose between different flow rates. The user can select different flow rates, either to adapt to flow fluctuations or to save water when supply is limited. All other features are identical to the fixed flow nozzles.

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Fixed flow

These nozzles are designed to operate optimally at a specific flow rate. Tip and pistol grip made of non-slip polyurethane. Throw pattern adjustable: straight jet, flashover, wide angle spray, self-cleaning. Inlet with filter, freely rotating. Ball valve. Maximum pressure 16 bar.