Firefighting monitors are used when the extinguishing agent flow rate is particularly high for one user to operate with a hand nozzle, and when high fire-load installations are protected at a long distance. They are widely used in firefighting vehicles, industry, shipping and homes built close to forests. The monitors of POK France that we distribute have earned the top position in the Greek market due to their high performance and long-term reliability.

  • Monitor types: portable, fixed, on trailer.
  • Extinguishing agent: water, foam, dry chemical.
  • Operation: manually, remotely, oscillation.
  • Stream patterns: straight jet, flashover, wide angle spray, flat (“blabbermouth”).
  • Flow rate adjustment: fixed, manually, auto-regulated, self-cleaning (“flush”).
  • Sizes: from 2’’ to 8’’.
  • Materials: aluminium, brass, stainless steel.
  • Certifications: EN, UL, FM, MED, SOLAS.

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Fixed monitors are connected to the permanent piping of a firefighting water network. Available in sizes up to 8”, they are compatible with water diffusers and foam branchpipes of all kinds. Operation is done by handle or hand-wheels. They carry horizontal and vertical rotation locking mechanisms, to help the user stay safe and conserve energy. Manufactured from high-strength corrosion-resistant aluminum or other rugged materials.

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Portable monitors feature folding legs, which allow the monitor to stabilize at the desired point on the ground. They are connected directly to a fire hose. They have a safety mechanism that prevents them from overturning. Water diffusers or foam branchpipes attach to their outlet. Some portable monitors are also capable of oscillation, the angle of which can be adjusted by the user.
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For marine use

Firefighting monitors for marine use are made of bronze or stainless steel and are therefore resistant to seawater and the corrosive effects of electrolysis. Polyester paint is optional. Available in manual and remote-controlled models. Maximum operating pressure 16 bar. Ideal for shipping docks, vessels and industrial installations that use seawater.

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An oscillating base is mounted under fixed monitors, allowing them to rotate automatically in a user-adjustable angle. The water that passes through the oscillating base turns a turbine integrated into the base, thus rotating the monitor which is mounted on the top of the base. Activation can be done locally or remotely. Ideal for country homes and industrial installations. The oscillating base is entirely made in bronze.
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Wired or wireless, remote-controlled monitors allow the operator to be in a safe place away from the fire, and to handle multiple monitors simultaneously. Available in all sizes, ATEX certified, portable or fixed. They can be equipped to feature an inlet valve, a thermal detector and a camera. Ideal for firefighting vehicles, industries, ships, or villas.
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Wheeled monitors operated by one person are used to protect a large area using only one monitor. Towable trailers with monitors of all sizes can be delivered with a foam tank, a cabinet for storing hoses and other firefighting equipment, and multiple inlets for increasing the attack range. Radio-remote-controlled robotic monitors which move on a continuous-track system feature a high-definition thermal camera and are ideal for handling extremely difficult cases such as tunnel fires.