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Microdrops vehicle

The FIREXPRESS ATV is a versatile 4x4 vehicle that can pass through uneven terrain or narrow passageways (like the cobbled streets in the Greek islands). It carries the FIREXPRESS microdrops firefighting unit (PDU), which is equipped with a water suction system in addition to the fire extinguishing system, for replenishing the water supply when needed.

The 4-meter suction tube with filter allows the pumping of water from external sources such as rivers, lakes and water tanks. The pumping system fills the 300-liter water tank in 8 minutes and can work during the firefighting operation. In addition, the vehicle is able to tow a trailer and carry a rescue stretcher.

  • Capacity: 300 liters of water, 12 liters of foam.
  • Hose length: 50m.
  • Nozzle range: 15m.
  • Application: uneven or narrow terrain.
Microdrops vehicle FIREXPRESS