Vehicle Protection Systems

Fire detection

Multiple types of detectors can be used on the same vehicle to provide faster response in high risk areas. Fire detection can be done in the following ways, either exclusively, or in combination:
  • Spot Heat Detectors. Tough, vibration-resistant, available in three different preset temperature settings for flexibility, they provide rapid heat detection and system activation. Spot Heat Detectors have factory installed connectors for reliability and ease of installation and service.
  • Linear Heat Detection cables have long been the industry standard and provide a continuous heat detection cable run inside the hazard area. Amerex has amped up the traditional cable with a more robust abrasion resistant outer jacket and factory installed connectors for reliability and ease of service. The cable is also available with a stainless steel coil protective covering for extreme environments.
  • Infrared Detectors. The Amerex IR3 infrared detector is the fastest responding detector in the industry, responding to fire within seconds. Faster response means less damage and less downtime. IR3 detectors “see” the fire by recognizing the light wavelength patterns thrown off by the hydrocarbon fire.
  • Gas Detectors. An increasing number of vehicles use natural gas nowadays. The problem with this type of fuel is that it often does not burn, instead it explodes upon combustion. Amerex gas detectors immediately alert the driver to exit the leaking vehicle safely.