Vehicle Protection Systems

Fire suppression

The Amerex system protects the engine, battery, fuel tank and hydraulic parts of the vehicle. The extinguishing agent is sprayed by nozzles with robust caps that prevent moisture and dust from entering the discharge network. During system actuation, the nozzle caps are automatically opened by the discharge agent pressure.

The agent cylinders are pressurized, preventing moisture from entering the cylinders and contamination of the fire suppression agent. No need for delays while the cylinder is being pressurized from an outside source. Stored pressure cylinders have a pressure gauge which allows maintenance personnel to verify readiness. They can also be fitted with a pressure switch which detects a low-pressure condition and notifies the operator via the control panel. The extinguishing agent can be one of the following options:

  • Dry chemical is the most commonly used extinguishing agent in vehicle fire suppression systems and is very effective due to the powder’s ability to reach three-dimensional areas.
  • ICE system uses firefighting foam and works by blanketing liquid fuel surfaces, preventing oxygen from combining with ignition sources.
  • Dry-ICE system provides the best possible fire protection option by combining the rapid knockdown power of dry agent with the cooling effect of ICE liquid agent.