Vehicle Protection Systems

Testing & monitoring

Our team will guide you on the best solution for your requirements. Pronoia’s highly skilled personnel is responsible for installation, maintenance and testing under the strict guidelines set by Amerex.

  • Maintenance: Amerex agent cylinders go far above industry standards, engineered and manufactured with a quality-assured process that eliminates leaks and ensures life-long reliability. Extensive maintenance and refilling are required as far apart as every 6 years. During this time, if the pressure gauge is showing the correct reading, you know that your cylinder is good to go.
  • Testing: After installation, as well as during maintenance, extensive testing is performed to fully test the system’s readiness. In addition, the control panel continuously performs individual tests, making sure that the system’s key parts are in good working order.
  • Monitoring: The control panel records all events, which can then be downloaded to a computer. Each system has a spare battery, ensuring reliability 365 days a year. The control panel can adapt to any future changes or additions, offering unparalleled flexibility to the user and installer.