8 reasons to choose PRONOIA


    We supply quality firefighting equipment of the firms AMEREX, EMERGENCY PLUG, DAVEY, FIREMIKS, FOMTEC, GOLLMER & HUMMEL, HABERKORN, PADTEX, POK, RESQTEC, ROSENBAUER. By closely following worldwide developments in the firefighting sector, we are constantly updating our knowledge on new and innovative equipment, which we always test ourselves before we add them to our product range.


    PRONOIA is based in Athens, in a company-owned building with ample loading bay and parking area, featuring a product display showroom, seminar space, warehousing, packaging area, repair workshop and testing facility. Situated 100 meters from the Kifissos highway, we are just 15 minutes away from Piraeus harbour and 30 minutes from Athens airport. We keep our bestselling units in stock and in many cases dispatch within the day, to expeditiously fulfil the requirements of our customers and partner network.


    Our products are certified to EN, UL, FM, DIN, MED, SOLAS, ICAO, DIN, NF, NEN, LASTFIRE, MIL by internationally recognized certifying bodies. Our indoor testing facility with pressurized water – one of its kind in Greece – is used for demonstrating and testing new products at the limits of their specifications, as well as for making sure that the equipment we repair performs reliably when we test it with flowing water, so that it is up to the task.


    As representatives of internationally recognized manufacturers, we have the duty to install, maintain and repair all the types of equipment we provide, by strictly adhering to the manufacturers’ instructions. From firefighting monitors and pumps, to kitchen and vehicle fire suppression systems, PRONOIA is your reliable and agile partner for the complete range of services that relate to our products.


    Thinking ahead to the worst-case scenario is at the core of what we do. Every fire is different and the correct way to confront it is with constant training and reliable firefighting equipment. Our staff is carefully chosen for their professionalism, the structured approach to problem-solving, the seriousness by which they involve themselves in firefighting, and their friendly approach.


    When quality is a must, our prices are unbeatable. Important projects have been entrusted to us by the National Power Corporation, AKTOR, TERNA, Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos, the Armed Forces, the Fire Department, Athens Metro, Coral, Motor Οil, Hellenic Petroleum, Druckfarben, ELVAL, Aluminion of Greece, Olympia Odos, Intercontinental hotel, Sofitel, Costa Navarino Luxury Resorts.


    We are an integrally trained team that works with a hands-on attitude, combining theoretical expertise with practical application. We employ engineers, volunteer firefighters, sales staff with high fire safety IQ and technicians that take fire protection very seriously. Some of us are also volunteer firefighters, an activity which increases our knowledge every day.


    We cover all our products with a warranty of one to five years, depending on the type of equipment. We conduct training and certification seminars in a dedicated space at our premises. Whether to present a new and innovative product to you, or to take you through a certification process so that you become able to install our fire suppression systems, it is all done indoors following strict guidelines. Offering training is essential to our work, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!