Portable firefighting equipment

Portable firefighting means equip buildings, vehicles and shipping vessels. Nozzles, hoses, couplings, dividers, wrenches make up the necessary equipment of a portable firefighting installation.

Firefighting nozzles

The nozzle is the No. 1 tool for every firefighter. It operates by spraying water supplied by the hose towards the fire. We supply hand-held nozzles, portable monitors, as well as wheeled monitors for every application. As the distributor of POK in Greece for more than 30 years, we keep an extensive range of nozzles in stock and offer an attentive after sales service. The trust shown in us by the Fire Service and the Armed Forces, among others, drives us to continuously improve and look for new innovative products, which we first try at our pressurized water testing facility before we include them in our product range.

Fire hoses

The fire hose is usually the “weak link” in a firefighting operation. While the valve, the couplings and the nozzles are made of metal alloys, the hose is made of synthetic materials, which are more vulnerable to chemical agents, sunlight and impacts. Therefore, the only way for the user to be safe is to select a high-quality hose that will ensure smooth operation and stand the test of time. We have chosen certified hoses of the German manufacturer GOLLMER & HUMMEL, with proven reliability and durability. From standard hoses for fire cabinets, to hoses with an outer coating highly resistant to tears and chemical effects, we cover the needs of industry, shipping, the Fire Department, the Armed Forces and any professional for whom reliability is non-negotiable.


Fire hose couplings connect hoses to nozzles, valves and dividers in a quick and easy way. The couplings used in In Greece we primarily Storz, i.e. German type. We supply all types of couplings, namely German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, American, English, and more. Couplings are manufactured using either the casting or the forged method. Forged couplings do not have air bubbles inside them due to the external pressure applied to the molten metal during the manufacturing process, which makes them up to 4 times more durable than cast couplings. True to its promise to supply quality products, PRONOIA supplies exclusively forged couplings, made by European factories (POK, FEUER VOGEL) of worldwide acclaim.

Valves, dividers

We supply all the connecting parts for portable firefighting. Valves, dividers, reducers are used to transfer liquid extinguishing agents (water, foam) into the fire. For their connection with fire hoses, we can supply wrenches for hydrants and couplings. Hose seals, wall-mounted nozzle brackets, handles and wheeled devices for carrying hoses complete the range of materials necessary for a professional firefighting installation. All products are selected from recognized companies (POK, FEUER VOGEL) and tried at our testing facility.