Support equipment for firefighting

In addition to extinguishing a fire, the firefighter is called upon to do various other tasks. Ventilating buildings from smoke, providing adequate lighting in an accident, powering a mobile crisis management unit, pumping water from underground spaces, supplying water to vehicles in forest fires, all require robust equipment that the personnel can depend on.

Smoke fans

The ventilation of building facilities from the smoke that has accumulated in a fire can be decisive for the safety of those trapped inside, but also makes the work of the firefighters easier. ROSENBAUER fans (or smoke extractors) are the ideal tool for the job. Petrol or battery powered, portable with shoulder strap and wheels, with water mist nozzle and foam generating capacity, the Rosenbauer smoke extractors are certified according to DIN 14963, designed for real conditions according to international firefighting experience.

Portable Lights

Portable LED lights are an essential tool for the firefighter. A car accident with trapped victim, rescuing people in a ravine, the extrication of victims after a fall in the subway, a forest fire at night and also a fire in an enclosed space, are situations that require careful handling and need adequate lighting. ROSENBAUER portable LED lights are carefully designed for maximum luminosity and operating duration, while also being compact and light, for easy transport and storage.

Power generators

We supply petrol-powered generators as well as power stations from the Austrian company ROSENBAUER for every firefighting application. Generators mounted on fire trucks or trailers are available in a full range of performances and are certified and tested for hard use. We also keep portable power stations (batteries), which are easily transported and can power submersible pumps, portable floodlights, battery fans or a mobile crisis management unit (e.g. in an earthquake).

Water pumps

Using an external water source (tank, lake, swimming pool, etc.), water pumps are used to supply water to buildings, vehicles or directly to fire hoses (e.g. in a forest fire). Fixed, wheeled, or portable on a backpack, we supply pumps from internationally recognized companies (ROSENBAUER Austria and DAVEY Australia) in a wide range of flow rates and pressures.

Submersible pumps

Heavy rain often creates problems in building facilities. ROSENBAUER submersible pumps can be connected to a power generator, a power station or directly to the power grid to quickly and reliably pump out water in flooded basements, leaving only 4mm of water level. With compact dimensions and high performance, they are a top choice for any fire station.