Fixed firefighting equipment

Buildings, ships and vehicles are equipped with fixed means of active fire protection for various risks. Monitors, foam equipment, fire hose reels, fire suppression systems are some of the products we supply, covering a wide range of installations.

Firefighting monitors

Fixed monitors are installed in the chemical industry, recycling centers, petrochemical facilities, shipping vessels, homes, fire trucks, etc. By applying a large amount of water or foam to a fire, we are able to deal with high thermal loads from a safe distance. Manual, oscillating or remote-controlled, the monitors we supply are manufactured according to strict specifications and have international certifications. The monitors by French manufacturer POK that we distribute in Greece have deservedly won the top position in the Greek market, due to their high performance and long-term reliability.

Firefighting foam

Firefighting foam extinguishes a fire by cooling the burning surfaces and depriving the fire of oxygen. It is applied to liquid fuels, plastics, paints, solvents, alcohols, different types of refuse, recycled materials, and even wood (as a wetting agent). The type of foam we choose depends on the fuel. The mixing percentage is determined by the foam proportioner used. Low-expansion foam is chosen for fast surface coverage, while high-expansion foam is used in indoor total flooding systems. We supply foam concentrates produced by FOMTEC Sweden, certified for shipping, industry, airports and forests. Our team is kept informed on changes in environmental requirements regarding firefighting foams, and is able to provide the right solution for your specific application.

Foam equipment

The foam equipment performs two functions: 1. Mixing the water with the foaming liquid, using foam proportioners, and 2. Expansion and spraying of the produced foam towards the fire, using foam nozzles and generators. We supply in-line foam inductors from POK France, which operate at a specific flow & pressure, as well as mechanical foam dosing devices from FIREMIKS Sweden, which operate in a wide range of flows & pressures. Foam nozzles add air to the foam solution that has been produced after mixing, thus producing foam, which is then ejected towards the burning material. Foam branchpipes and monitors, high-expansion foam generators and foam chambers for liquid fuels tanks are just some of POK’s foam producing equipment, which you will find in every corner of Greece. In addition, we supply POK wheeled foam units, which combine an in-line inductor, branchpipe, hose and foam concentrate in one assembly that is ready for immediate use at any time, offering vast coverage for a modest investment.

Fire hose reels

Hose reels tend to replace fire cabinets in facilities where it is crucial that immediate response is needed. Unlike fire cabinets, where all the layflat hose would have to be unrolled and then coupled to the valve and the nozzle, all we need to do when operating a fire hose reel is pull out as much length of semi-rigid hose as we need and immediately attach the fire. Hose reels are also mounted on fire trucks, usually with a pressure of 40 bar at the pump outlet. We are pleased to supply POK fire hose reels, highly reliable and durable, certified according to the corresponding European standards.

Kitchen protection

The AMEREX commercial kitchen fire suppression systems that we represent have been protecting restaurants, hotels, airports and the armed forces of Greece since 1995. The system works completely autonomously, without an external energy source. Actuated automatically as well as manually, it simultaneously shuts off the supply of gas and electricity to the cooking appliances. It can turn on light and sound devices during activation, and can be connected to a fire detection panel. The system protects the cooking appliances, the kitchen hood and the cooking appliances. The wet chemical liquid agent extinguishing liquid extinguishes, cools and deprives burning oils of oxygen by forming a soapy layer on their surface that eliminates the possibility of re-ignition. UL certification, stainless steel cylinder valves and metal nozzle caps ensure high reliability, made in USA.