Rescue equipment

In an event where people need to be rescued, such as a car accident, earthquake, subway fall, strict extrication protocols are applied. Blocking off the accident area, assessing the victims’ health, assessing the risk of ignition, stabilizing, lifting and removing materials that are pressing on the victim are tasks that must be done quickly and safely for the trapped victims and rescue personnel. 

Cribbing blocks

After the area has been blocked off and the overall assessment of the incident is done, the first step performed is to stabilize the objects that have trapped the victim, so that their movement/removal does not cause more harm to the victim and the rescuers. The stabilization blocks of the Dutch manufacturer RESQTEC can withstand 60 tons of weight and connect together like Lego for maximum safety.

Stabilization struts

The telescopic struts by RESQTEC can withstand 15 tons of weight and are available in various lengths. They are easily extended to the desired length, in which they remain stable when bearing weight, thanks to their patented locking system that does not require pins, ensuring speed and safety. They can secure a vehicle from tilting uncontrollably or support a structural element from collapsing. Also, when combined with an air supply, they can follow the lifting arc of a large object (e.g. truck, train car) while lifting it, to make room for the victim below.

Lifting bags

RESQTEC lifting bags are available in various sizes, shapes and lifting loads. Compressed air from a breathing apparatus cylinder, after passing through a 12 bar pressure reducer, is fed to the lifting bag. The lifting capacity depends on the contact area of the bag with the surface of the load. The greater the contact surface, the greater the weight we can lift. The bags are ideally combined with the RESQTEC struts, which extend following the path of the load, so that it is secured throughout the lifting process.

Rescue tools

In a car accident, but also in major disasters such as earthquakes, tools are used to remove the objects that have trapped the victims. The RESQTEC rescue tool line consists of spreaders, cutters, combi tools and telescopic rams, which operate with hydraulic oil or are battery powered. Ergonomic and durable, they are combined with cribbing blocks, stabilization struts and lifting bags for maximum efficiency even in the most difficult event.

Emergency plug

It is usually not easy to be sure if an electric or hybrid vehicle’s engine is running, due to the fact that it is silent when not moving. It is not uncommon in an accident for the vehicle to move suddenly, usually due to the victim accidentally pressing the gas pedal, injuring the rescuers. The Emergency Plug from the Dutch company TOTAL SAFETY SOLUTIONS provides the solution. By inserting it in the vehicle's charging socket, it simulates the charging phase, thus preventing the vehicle from moving, which creates a safe environment in seconds.

Car fire blankets

Vehicle fires present firefighters with ever-increasing challenges. Electric vehicles are particularly dangerous, due to the chain reaction (thermal runaway) created if their battery catches fire, which produces toxic gases and is extremely difficult to extinguish. There is also the risk of ignition of a crashed electric vehicle during transportation or when it has arrived in the workshop or scrapyard. PADTEX’s fireproof blankets are available in various sizes, and in two types: multi-purpose and single-use. They are a very useful tool for firefighters, rescuers, car service facilities, parking and charging stations, ferry boats, car dealerships and rental companies, highway and tunnel management companies.