Firefighting Pumps


Firefighting Pumps operated by sms

DAVEY has pioneered once again, with the remote-start firefighting pump, operated by SMS. At last, a solution that provides home fire protection without the owner needing to be present. With a simple SMS, the user can start the pump, stop it, program pump shut-down, and receive an update of the pump status, at any time, from anywhere

As the DAVEY official partner for firefighting pumps in Greece, PRONOIA will undertake the initial set up of your pump’s SIM card, as well as the engineering design and installation of your firefighting network, according to your needs. Naturally, we are authorized to carry out repair and maintenance, by strictly adhering to manufacturer instructions. Through the DAVEY & PRONOIA collaboration, you can rest assured that your home is protected.

  • Ability to be operated by multiple users: Yes.
  • Remote status information: ON/OFF, battery power, signal strength, operating hours.
  • Remote status sent: to those users who are registered.
  • Battery and smart battery charger: Included.
  • Inlet: 1 x 2’’.
  • Outlets: 1 x 2’’ & 2 x 1’’.
  • Pump speed: Adjustable in two positions, low / high.
  • Flow rates: 200 lt/min at 4.5 bar at low speed & 200 lt/min at 5.5 bar at high speed.
  • Pump impeller: Can be disassembled for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Pump material: marine-grade aluminum, polyester painted.
  • Pump draining valve: Yes.
  • Pump engine: Honda iGX270 gasoline 270cc, power 8.5 HP at 3600 rpm.
  • Stand-by mode: 3 hours.
  • Electric starter: Yes.
  • Low oil engine protection: Yes.
Firefighting Pumps operated by sms DAVEY