Non-intrusive Measuring


Ultrasonic thickness indicators

In order to complete the flow rate measurement using the Portasonic™ unit, the operator must know the thickness of the piping through which the liquid passes.

The ideal tool for measuring thickness is the Portagauge™ ultrasonic device by COLTRACO. Simply touch the sensor on the tube and the device calculates its thickness to within ±0.1mm. Handy, robust and reliable, the Portagauge™ is IP 65 waterproof and has an uninterrupted 50-hour power supply. It is delivered in a PeliCase carrying case along with the sensor, ultrasonic oil and calibration certificate. It is CE marked, has a three-year warranty and is registered under ISO 19011.

Μέτρηση πάχους σωληνών COLTRACO